Barre Studio is the real deal! I have experienced many forms of exercise including other barre classes. Andrea delivers on the promise that the original London method barre is different indeed! She is caring and passionate about results. I am in the presence of a true mentor. Thank you. I cannot wait for the next barre class.Jan, Wellington FL

I love the energy Andrea always brings to the studio! I found the instructions easy to follow and always left feeling like I got a great, full body work out. -Kellie, Kauai HI

What I like about barre exercise is it is very effective for toning and shaping the muscles. Even after a few classes you can see and feel the changes on your body. It’s a full body workout. Even small movements can challenge your body very much. I love the shakes and burns. Well, no pain no gain. Andrea is just amazing. She is a real ballerina; so powerful, so enthusiastic. I love how she is explaining in details the positions and exercises that everybody understands what to do and how to do it. She cares about every student in her class. I love barre with Andrea ❤️ -Karin, Slovakia EU

The London barre with Andrea is amazing. Never before have I done such an exercise that is so fun and challenging at the same time. The technique works at leaning you out, strengthening muscles you didn’t know you had, and challenging your flexibility. It’s always fun and dynamic! Andrea always comes up with new moves and exciting challenges. The classes never get boring or old. -Abby, Hawaii HI

I am finally getting the legs I have always wanted! -Kristy, Wellington FL

Barre fitness workout is fun, low impact, but still pretty hard work. You can make your glutes, abs and  thighs look fit and supportive. And you will be happy, for sure to finally “discover” your undiscovered muscles! Andrea is a perfect fitness trainer, always full of energy. I really like, that she usually mixes the exercises or just makes some other changes in ones, to make every lesson’s program different. I am always excited of our every new training session with her. -Sona, Slovakia EU

As an older woman who has tried a lot of different types of exercises, I have found the Original London method barre with Andrea to be the best. It is the most effective at meeting my needs. The exercises has helped strengthen and lean my target area which is my lower body. The class is always fun and challenging. It is not overly strenuous, so that people of all ages can participate. Andrea is also an excellent teacher who gives detailed instructions for each move. I look forward to every class. -Randi, Kauai, HI

Andrea is not just a skilled instructor and natural motivator, she is an inspiration. -LoLa, Wellington FL

Andrea’s energy is contagious, and I haven’t been this excited about working out in a long time! -Alyssa, Long Beach CA